Bulletin 4/1/18


Welcome to Andover

We are so honored that you have joined us as we celebrate the Risen Savior! If you are visiting with us today, please know that your presence is a tremendous gift to us. If you would like to know more about First Church, please make sure you indicate that on one of the pads at the end of each row. After our worship service today, we have a small gift for you just to say thanks for being with us. Thanks again for joining us and we hope to see you again soon

Side Effects – New After Easter Series

Beginning next week, we will start a new after Easter series that wrestles with one very important question – Easter is passed, now what? We will take the next several weeks exploring the Side Effects of the event that changed the world, and particularly how it invites each individual to respond. These side effects can prove to be not only life giving but also life changing.  

New members Class

Are you interested in knowing more about First Church and Andover? Join us beginning next Sunday for a 4-week discussion around joining arms in the journey of faith. Pastor Jim will lead these discussion in the choir room from 9:45-10:30 starting April 8 through April 29.

Collecting for Embrace

This morning, our barrel sits out ready to receive donations for our ongoing food drive for our friends on the north side of Lexington. We partner with Embrace UMC and the good folks who reach out to that community. If you forgot to bring items, please feel free to drop them by anytime.  

Rachel Circle will meet Wednesday April 4th at 10:00 at the church.  Officer Bige Towery, Lexington Police Community Services Unit, will be speaking on “Scams, Identity Theft and Home Safety.”  This program is open to anyone interested in this relevant topic. 

Missed a Week, Check out the Website

If you’ve missed a Sunday, you can easily catch up by visiting our website – andover.1stumc.org for links to past bulletins, announcements, sign-ups for events and to hear last week’s sermon.


Sunday, APRIL 1, 2018

8:00 AM Easter Worship, Sanctuary
9:00 AM Easter Worship, Sanctuary
11:00 AM Easter Worship, Sanctuary

Wednesday, APRIL 4, 2018

7:00 PM Andover Choir Practice

The Altar flowers this morning are given by Willa and Ray Combs in honor of their grandchildren, Lydia and Sam.


Pastor: Rev. Jim Nichols
Liturgist: Mike Rudzinski, Andover Fellow
Director of Music: Janell Hamilton
Organist: Betsy Taylor
Accompanist/Pianist: Savannah Etter
Choral Scholars: Greta Rosenstock
Lauren Martin
Ben Boutell
Scripture Reader: Carol Rudzinski
Prayer Intercessor: Carol Rudzinski
Children’s Ministry Helpers:
Next Sunday: House


Campus Pastor Rev. Jim Nichols
Director of Connections: Vicki Lanham
Youth Director: Wilson Newell
Children’s Director Hannah Wittenberg
Nursery Workers: Anna Smith & Angela Roberts
Faith Community Nurse: Donna Thompson
Andover Fellow: Mike Rudzinski
2018 Lay Leader: Jill Mahan


Next Week:  Side Effects – What happens after Easter?
4/15: Side Effects – Born from Above (Dr. Ben Witherington)
4/22: Side Effects – Transformation
4/29: Side Effects – Transcendentals (Beauty, Goodness and Truth)
5/06: Side Effects: – Character (Confirmation Sunday)
5/13: Side Effects: Virtue (Mother’s Day)
5/20: Pentecost Sunday

ATTENDANCE March 25, 2018
Total Worshipping at First Church 771
Total for both Worship Services, Andover 207
Sunday School  60
Andover Giving YTD $63,591
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