2018 Goals

Andover Church-wide 2018 Goals

Date: Thursday, December 13, 2017
Ownership: Jill Mahan and Jim Nichols

  Goal   Lead Measures   Lag Measures


  • Outreach events in each Quarter
  • Community Events
  • Coffee with Pastor
  • Visitor Follow-up Team
  • Invite a Friend to Church Sunday(s)
  • 10% Growth in Worship Attendance (20 new people – minimum)
  • 5 New Professions of Faith
  • Increase of Community Awareness of First – Andover


  • Family Events
    • Dinners of 8
    • Family Retreat
    • Marriage Enrichment Retreat
  • Increasing Discipleship Opportunities
    • Prayer and Praise Nights
    • Life Groups
    • Disciple Intensive Participants
    • Sunday school
    • Membership/Basics of First Class
  • Shared Congregational Care/Response
  • Joel Team
  • Increase of Church Family Participation at Church Events
  • Increase of Average Attendance of Members at Worship (3 out of 4 weeks)
  • Increase in regular attender to full member

Andover Lead Team

Date: January, 1, 2018
Ownership: Jill Mahan and Jim Nichols

Members: Holly Mattingly (Worship), Brad Beach (Serve), Don Wells (Trustees), TBD (Grow), Bill Mattingly (Finance), TBD (SPRC), John Elliott (Joel Team)

  Area   Focus   Measures           
  • Sunday Morning
  • Special Events
  • Sunday school Classes
  • Small Groups – Life Groups
  • Tuesday Bible Studies
  • Special Studies
  • Church Family Opportunities
  • Missions Work
  • Evangelism Work
  Building – Act II  
  Joel Team
  • Office Hours – M,W,TH (8:30-12:00)  

2018 Goals  – Campus Pastor

Date: January 1, 2018
Staff Person: Jim Nichols
Primary Area: Campus Leadership and Ministry

Andover 2018 Goals



Increase in worship attendance by 10% (20 new people), with 5 new professions of faith and an increasing social awareness of the church within the Hamburg/Andover communities. Overall increases in church family participation in events, average worship attendance (3 out of 4 weeks), and movement from regular attender to full members.



Primary Goal: Implementation and focus upon goals across the church and leadership of campus staff and church family

BHAG – movement to team based ministry across REACH

  1. Staff Leadership
  2. Church Leadership
  3. Church Membership
  4. Pastoral Team (regular quarterly meeting with Al Gwinn, Tom Eblen, Harold Hunter and Tim Tennent as they are available).
  5. Overall development of Discipleship Plan for Andover