January Newsletter

Good Afternoon Dear Andover Family,

This will be the first of two emails you will receive from me this week. Attached to this email is our 2nd edition of the Andover Update. This monthly newsletter is designed to get us primed for the weeks and month to follow. In this edition we have our January birthdays and anniversaries, as well as some updates and invitations coming our way.

I want to also remind everyone that this Sunday we will have both our regular Sunday morning services (8:30 and 11:00) and two very unique Christmas Eve services. Our first evening service will begin at 5 pm and it is designed for those with younger families. Our second service will drift towards the more quiet and reflective moments of the season. Both services will include Candles and Communion (glow sticks will be available for younger children – we want to avoid burns this year). I realize Christmas Eve is a very busy day, but I hope I get to see you this week as we celebrate, worship and honor the birth of the one who changed the world.

Be on the lookout for email #2 – it should arrive tomorrow or Friday (the Lord willing).

Grace and Peace,

Jim Nichols

Andover Update – January 2018

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