Life Together at Andover

We believe that we have been called to experience the Kingdom of God on earth as it is in heaven. That sounds like pretty big talk, but we actually think this happens when the followers of Jesus come together and share life with one another. We believe that as we share life together something amazing happens – the world around us is transformed.

As we share life together, we see 3 key areas that this occurs: in our Worshipping, our Growth, and how we Serve.

Worship is about responding in awe to the worth of our God. We do this on Sunday mornings as a family, but that’s only a beginning. Worship is an attitude that we are developing here at Andover.

As we Worship, we also have opportunities to Grow. Growing in our faith is the expectation of the follower of Jesus – we deepen, we learn, we strengthen as individuals and also as a family through Sunday school Classes, Bible Studies, Topical Studies and through our ever growing small groups that we call Disciple-Life Groups.

Finally, our worship and growth leads us to look outward through our SERVE. We serve one another, but we also look beyond ourselves and beyond the doors to find ways to be the hands and feet of Jesus. If his Kingdom is to come, then we to have a part in sharing his love with the world.


All this and more is a part of our Whiteboard – it’s how we work together to accomplish our mission of “making disciples of Jesus Christ across the street and around the world.”


Our Whiteboard 2.0