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Prayer Vigil 9—Still…Welcome to all!

The Prayer Vigil continues Thursday. This week, ANYTIME on Thursday or any day you can participate there after. Your prayers are still needed. Novices, “prayer warriors”, and in between are welcome—and needed. God wants all our prayers. The sign-up and prayer Guide is below.  You don’t need a time slot, but we are trying to assess how helpful this vigil is and how long it should continue. We have no other way to know…we want to be helpful…and “needs appropriate.” As usual, the guide will be activated Wednesday evening…from this newsletter.

It can ALSO be accessed from the Andover Website, under GROW—>select Online Prayer Vigil—>then Prayer Vigil Guide. Two ways to get to the same place.

Running a Pandemic Marathon

A notable leader in our midst shared not too long into this pandemic crisis…and I paraphrase here…that “running a marathon is difficult. Preparing for it is not easy. But how do you run a race when you do not have a finish line?”

In our case the finish line keeps moving. Oh, some businesses are beginning to open— salons, scheduled surgeries, a few restaurants, and smaller gatherings.  We rejoice at these small victories—positive stepping stones to life as we “used to know it.” And yet, we hear that concerts, sporting events, and schools may not return on any kind of schedule and may not look like we are accustomed. Young peoples weddings, and other major events (ie Annual Conference),  have been put off for a year. Long term care residents date of opening and seeing family members isn’t even discussed. Our church leaders are laboring as how and when our churches can safely reopen to physical worship. Even when we do, will it look the same and will it even involve live singing? When is it going to TRULY return to what we were…or will it? Is there a way to pace ourselves and not lose our minds…and faith in the process? 

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