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The Prayer Vigil continues Thursday—ANYTIME or any day you can participate there after.Your prayers are still needed—now more than ever. The sign-up and prayer Guide is below.  You don’t need a time slot, but we need to know who joins us. As usual, the guide will be activated Wednesday evening…from this newsletter or from the Andover Website, under GROW.

The Spiritual Discipline of Social Justice…is there something we can do? Should do?

2020. No ordinary year for us as individuals, the church, the city, state, or country…the world. We are still reeling from the pandemic, and we are seemingly not at all “out of the woods,” only to confront the financial impact which is also still to be determined—but seems at best bleak. Then, we are  confronted with a new horror in our midst. Rioting, and chaos. Accusation and division. It is as if, as one news commentator framed it, the pandemic of 1918, the stock market plummet of 1929, the race riots of 1968, have all combined into an unprecedented 3 months. 

Falling on the heels of Pentecost, we are called to a higher order. But what does that mean…exactly? Where do you start? Is there anything that can be done? Is it simply “In Gods Hands?” What is the Christian’s responsibility? What does God require? But the real question is, am I humble enough to listen and bold enough to do what He asks? 

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