Pastoral Transitions Update



Several years ago, First Church formalized our current structure-one church with multiple expressions. Our mission is “making disciples across the street and around the world,” and we believe the best way for us to do that is by starting and sustaining several worshiping communities and allowing each of those to minister in its community contextually.

As we look toward coming years, our pastoral team and church leadership teams have been working on the best ways to handle those transitions.  We have especially recognized three things as we consider all of this:

1We believe continuity is key to sustaining what we’re doing as a church.

2Our current Bishop will be retiring this summer. The Bishop has had an excellent relationship to First Church, understands what we’re doing, and has our best interests in mind.

3Our Downtown Community needs extra pastoral support, as the Downtown Pastor currently wears two hats-as Downtown and Senior Pastor.

With that, First Church is planning to create a new pastoral position, to begin in June 2016. We are asking for a pastor who could become the lead pastor of our Andover Community and guide them as they continue their plans to build and grow. We then plan to have Todd Nelson transition Downtown. By June 2017, Mike Powers plans to leave. Though the Bishop makes all final appointments, we are hoping to prepare the way for Todd Nelson to move into leadership as our next Senior Pastor at that time.

Because of our unique church structure, stable and continuous leadership is especially important to our entire church. The Andover community discussed this last week, and Teddy has communicated with our Offerings community as well. We trust that we will continue well with the work we do as a church.

If you have any questions please direct them to your local campus pastor or members of Staff Parish Relations Committee.  We would all be glad to hear from you and help any way possible.

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