Worship is far more than sitting in a row, singing a few songs, listening to some preacher and putting some money into a passing plate.

Worship is about hitting the pause on the busyness of our weeks and choosing to focus on what matters most. We come to worship with all we have – the good and the bad. We come with others who are on similar roads. We all gather – the broken, needy, distracted, content and those filled with joy and happiness. We gather and we offer all of this to an audience of One.

Worship matters because when church gathers as one to lift high the name of God, heaven shakes and what happens on earth has the potential to change. We have the potential to change and be changed. When we miss out on worship – we miss out on what we were created to do.

Worship at the Andover Campus of First United Methodist Church seeks to invite everyone in to experience the presence of our God. We want to join in God’s story of redemption, to praise, to rejoice, to offer our prayers, and to hear God’s word and invitation to know him more.

Our October sermon series is looking at 5 promises that are made by those who choose to link arms in membership with this community of faith. Membership is a commitment to a particular body and a promise to share life together under a set of common values. On November 5, all current members will be invited to re-examine our vows of membership. If you aren’t a member and you would like more information or you are ready to make a membership vow, please contact Pastor Jim in the coming weeks. We know you are a part of the church — we’d love to make it official!